Atmospheric Pressure Gas Analyzers

The Cirrus™ single-quadrupole mass spectrometers are powerful analytical tools for a wide range of laboratory and industry-based gas analysis applications. The Cirrus family, featuring the Cirrus™ 3 and Cirrus™ 3-XD atmospheric pressure gas monitoring systems are ideal for analysis of bulk gas, gas composition, and detection of trace gasses and contamination. These powerful, versatile and customizable platforms, when combined with Process Eye™ Professional software and its recipe-based control, can significantly boost your productivity.


Cirrus 3 is an ideal general purpose gas analyzer and shares a common design with the Cirrus 3-XD. Both are available in rack-mounted and bench top configurations, making it easy for integration into laboratory or manufacturing environments. The capillary inlet system provides fast gas response over a range of temperatures. The unique oven and vacuum system designs eliminate potential cold spots and provide high temperature stability and performance.

The Cirrus 3-XD provides eXtreme Detection capability with V-lens™ ion-optics technology. With this technology, you can now consistently detect gases in the low ppb range, even with the most challenging background gases. This novel design ensures a gas-independent ultralow noise baseline across the entire mass range. The Cirrus 3-XD can provide greater insight into your gas system, something not possible with conventional quadrupole mass spectrometry.


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