R Series Gate Valve

Roughing Pump Isolation for Semiconductor Sub-Fab and General Vacuum Applications

The MKS R Series Gate Valve is optimized for isolation of roughing pumps and roughing lines in both semiconductor and general vacuum applications. The R Series is available with a range of options, including pneumatic and manual actuators, lock out tag out capability, and soft-pump bypass to eliminate turbulence and associated particle generation during pumpdown from atmosphere. The R Series employs an elastomer shaft seal for the actuator seal, which enables high performance in a cost effective, high value package for roughing vacuum applications. The stainless steel version of the R Series Gate valve is available in DN80, DN100, and DN160 sizes.


  • Cost effective and High value
  • Allows roughing pump to stay in operation during foreline maintenance
  • Soft-Pump Bypass Options:
    • Enables gradual foreline pump down from atmosphere
    • Eliminates turbulence and associated particle generation during pump down
  • High Performance Heater Options:
    • Excellent temperature uniformity ensures no cold spots on internal surfaces Prevents condensation of effluents and corrosive gases
  • Long cycle life
    • DN80 & DN100 > 200,000 cycles
    • DN160 > 100,000 cycles
  • Stainless steel and aluminum versions
  • Available in DN80, DN100, DN160mm sizes


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