Spinning Rotor Vacuum Gauge System

Transfer standard, pressure/vacuum measurement

The MKS Spinning Rotor Gauge (SRG) line is a high-vacuum gauge that operates by measuring the amount of viscous drag on a magnetically-levitated spinning ball, which is directly related to the number of molecules in the chamber (i.e. pressure). It is commonly used for calibration and metrology of other high-vacuum gauge sensors such as cold cathode and hot-filament ionization tubes. Its accuracy specification of 1% of reading is guaranteed over the range of 1 x 10⁻² Torr (mbar) to 5 x 10⁻⁷ Torr (mbar), and it can operate with reduced accuracy up to 1 Torr (mbar).

A complete system includes the electronics control unit, a measurement head with cable, and the calibrated ball/flange assembly. The electronics control unit includes both RS232 and USB computer interfaces, as well as two (2) electromechanical trip relays and a high-resolution analog output signal. The SRG-3 Spinning Rotor Gauge System is PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the German National Metrology Institute)-traceable.


  • Recognized transfer standard for calibration in 10⁻² to 10⁻⁷ Torr (mbar) vacuum range, DKD traceable.
  • Overall measurement range up to 1 Torr/mbar (with reduced accuracy).
  • Insensitive to ionization effects from other vacuum gauges.
  • Stainless steel wetted surfaces.
  • Multiple outputs such as RS232, USB, high-resolution analog, and discrete trip relays (2).


  • High vacuum gauge calibration and metrology.
  • Gas kinetics measurements.
  • Thermal and chemical research.

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