Microvision 2

Flexible, Integration-ready Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA)

Microvision 2 is the latest innovation in RGA technology from MKS, designed to meet all of the traditional requirements for an RGA sensor but with data collection at speeds unachievable with previous generation technologies. In addition, the Microvision 2 is designed to collect data at millisecond speeds per data point even when measuring data over the full dynamic range of the RGA. This capability has been achieved without sacrificing any of the necessary robustness, reliability and support which have made MKS the world leader in RGA products over the widest range of applications from semiconductor tools or particle accelerators to general industrial applications.


Microvision 2 is useful in a wide range of situations where knowing the contents of your chamber is critical to the success of your process:

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Large Scale Coating Tools
  • High Mass Performance
  • Ultra-High Vacuum
  • Harsh Environments

The Microvision 2 can be used to broaden the range of applications where RGA provides value to advanced process control systems. It is available as the core technology in a variety of generic and customised process gas measurements systems. To discuss any specific vacuum, low pressure or atmospheric pressure applications where knowledge of the gas species levels would provide critical value to your processes, please contact your local MKS Instruments representative. They will be able to call on MKS' global RGA applications expertise to provide the optimum solution to improve the effectiveness of your process control systems.


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