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The PUREEVO glove box is a glove box made for industry and research that is intended for use in all sophisticated to intricate applications in a controlled environment. It is our PURE line's finest, most refined, custom glove box.





  • Physics of materials and nanotechnology
  • powder method
  • creation of alternate and all-solid-state lithium batteries
  • furnace operation (annealing, sintering, and treatment)
  • Electronic organic materials: graphene, quantum dots, 2D materials, and solar cells of the 2nd and 3rd generations (thin layers, perovskites, multijunction, DSSC, etc.).
  • Large titanium and alloy components welding for the automotive, marine, and aerospace sectors
  • Investigations and tests on nuclear materials susceptible to elements in the atmosphere


Its outstanding operation, design, and performance satisfy the demands of all particular industrial and research applications. This glove box fully satisfies the needs of our most exacting clients, who are engineers, researchers, and scientists who prioritise configurable controls, automation, safety, special finishes, custom design, and of course ultra-pure atmosphere. It is perfect for all stages of the preparation, development, or characterization of materials under pure atmosphere, for processes in the development phase or at the pilot stage.

The modularity, adaptability, and performance of the custom-made PUREEVO glove box make it the ideal model for completing challenging tasks. Apart from these benefits, the PUREEVO model provides access to a multitude of choices and Jacomex equipment, and it is an assured method of satisfying the strictest requirements concerning air quality. The PUREEVO can be used with no fewer than three common models of purification units, both single and double line.

The PUREEVO is the answer to every issue. It comes with both standard and custom modules, and can be purchased as a single- or double-sided workstation.
It has an autonomous purification unit, an automatic pressure regulator without a vacuum pump, an automatic cycle transfer airlock, a double-stage vacuum pump with a capacity of 21 m3/h, a single-line purification unit with automatic regeneration, and H2O and/or O2 analyzers. As an additional option, two dual-line purifying systems are offered.

Its large, easy-to-read 10" touch screen with high resolution offers more comfort and a wide range of features. The recently designed HMI interface makes navigation simple and straightforward. You may operate effectively and safely thanks to adjustable parameters and continuous recording with plotted data (H20, O2, Pr, T). Support and maintenance management are integrated through the PLC interface to provide optimal trouble-free operation. Lastly, the system's adaptability is increased with a programmable information indication.

Our R&D and Innovation division entirely rebuilt the CORE-12 purification unit, a high-capacity H2O and/or O2 purification system. Our 75 years of experience in neutral gas filtration went into its revolutionary design. Because of its expanded purifying capacities (55L O2 – 1500g H2O), users can safely conduct experiments in glove boxes with big to very large volumes. Because of its independence, it is also able to analyse sequential processes in stable, regulated air environments. As usual, Jacomex's distinct brand of technological expertise has given numerous clients indisputable benefits, including stability and quality of atmosphere, long-lasting preservation of purity, periodic regenerations, lower running costs, and less maintenance.

Naturally, our original Eco-Energy mode (Energy Saving Mode 24/24) is pre-installed on the model:
Jacomex was the original creator of the Economic Operating Mode fifteen years ago, with the goals of conserving energy, protecting the environment, and resisting obsolescence. The purpose of developing this mode was to extend the components' lifetime and reliability over time. on contrast to some other models available on the market, our Energy Saving Mode 24/24 operates constantly both in standby mode (which does not involve manipulations) and in usage (which includes manipulations).

The PUREEVO is a highly customisable purified glove box variant that is designed to be adaptable. Every project built with PUREEVO grants access to comprehensive, customised project management along with a guidebook written by the manufacturer. We assure you of technical support, 3D plan modelling, and a technical and ergonomic layout verification tailored to your requirements. The Pureevo offers improved technical quality and higher user comfort thanks to an infinite array of options and equipment. Additionally suitable with nuclear and hazardous environments is the PUREEVO. It therefore combines work at negative pressure while providing protection to personnel, the environment, and products through the use of specified equipment and an appropriate safe configuration, both of which we will recommend to you.