< 1PPM H2O – O2

Glove boxes intended for use in controlled environment procedures are called PUREMOD glove boxes.

Because of its exceptionally high performance, it can be used for any industrial or experimental development where high atmospheric purity and versatility are required. It is especially advised for process improvement and the use of scientific instrumentation, measurement, and analysis tools.





  • Polymers and materials science
  • Artificial Chemistry
  • Lithium-ion battery characterization and assembly
  • storing energy
  • Creation of Living Things
  • Biology and every strictly anaerobic environment
  • novel materials, chemical properties of materials, and silicone chemistry
  • titanium component welding for aircraft


A modular glove box is called the PUREMOD. Its key features are flexibility, adaptability, and amazing performance. It is quite complete and properly equipped. Either a single-sided or double-sided workstation is offered. It has H2O and/or O2 analyzers, an autonomous purification unit, an automatic pressure regulation without a vacuum pump, an automatic cycle transfer airlock, a double-stage vacuum pump with a capacity of 21 m3/h, and a purification unit with automatic regeneration.

IIt also has a 7-inch touch screen that is easy to read and has good resolution. The recently designed HMI interface makes navigation simple and straightforward. Plotted data (H20, O2, Pr, T) and continuous recording with adjustable parameters enable end users to work safely and effectively. Support and maintenance management are integrated through the PLC interface to provide optimal trouble-free operation.

Our R&D and Innovation division entirely rebuilt the CORE-10 purification unit, which is an H2O and/or O2 purification system. Our 75 years of experience in neutral gas filtration went into its revolutionary design. With its extended purification capacity (45L O2 – 1250g H2O), customers can conduct experiments in big volume glove boxes with total confidence because to its calculated capabilities. Because of its independence, it is also able to analyse sequential processes in stable, regulated air environments. As always, Jacomex's distinct brand of technological expertise has given numerous clients indisputable benefits, including atmospheric stability and quality, long-lasting purity preservation, periodic regenerations, lower running costs, and less maintenance.

Naturally, our original Eco-Energy mode (Energy Saving Mode 24/24) is pre-installed on the model: Jacomex was the original creator of the Economic Operating Mode fifteen years ago, with the goals of conserving energy, protecting the environment, and resisting obsolescence. The purpose of developing this mode was to extend the components' lifetime and reliability over time. on contrast to some other models available on the market, our Energy Saving Mode 24/24 operates constantly both in standby mode (which does not involve manipulations) and in usage (which includes manipulations).

A versatile purified glove box variant with an adjustable, standard design is the PUREMOD. Every project built using PUREMOD provides access to more streamlined, customised project management. We assure you of technical support, 3D plan modelling, and a technical and ergonomic layout verification tailored to your requirements. The PUREMOD is equipped with a multitude of features and capabilities that offer improved usability and superior technical excellence. For example, you can secure your installation with the adjustable automatic purge of the glove box that is triggered by safety doors and H2O/O2 levels.