Retrofit upgrading of Glove Boxes

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Modification or upgrading of Glove Boxes

Over the course of their useful lives, glove boxes and isolators can be used to a variety of uses. We review each file separately upon request if the intended application needs to be modified mechanically, electrically, or functionally to comply with the new specifications. Customers can consult with our technical engineers and designers to get advice on a cost-effective strategy that maintains the desired performance.

As a result of these discussions, an accurate diagnosis and cost estimate are produced. Regular changes may be necessary for electrical standards and security requirements. It's possible that an outdated, cleansed glove box—whether Jacomex or not—isn't roomy or effective enough for a new project. We provide self-sufficient purifying systems and cutting-edge, effective technical solutions that can revitalise your buildings.

Our engineers have long specialised in particle and gaseous filtration as well as fluid dynamics. We create particular purifiers and laminar flows to capture harmful or corrosive vapours. Give us your project so we can examine it and discuss the prospects for a refit with you.


Jacomex has been trusted by numerous clients from a range of industries to design and produce their air filtration systems, glove boxes, and insulators.