Turbo Pumping Stations

Our range of turbopumping stations build on our previous generation, with a simplified ordering matrix and expanded range to include turbopumps with speeds from 47l/s to   400 l/s. Our small turbo station is our entry level compact station for speeds ranging 47 to 84 l/s, incorporating our trusted nEXT85, a choice of wet and dry backing pumps and simple plug and play turbo and instrument control. Our larger station offers a range of pumping speeds between 47 and 400 l/s, with our trusted and reliable nEXT turbo pumps, a choice of wet and dry pumps with the possibility to incorporate the unique nXDS scroll pump, and additional flexibility with many more control and communication options thanks to the fully featured TIC controller.

47 - 84 l/s

47 - 400 l/s