Vacuum Pumps For R & D Applications

We are working with Universities, Public Institutions and many different laboratories.

We have worked with Universities, Public Institutions and many different laboratories over the past and have seen a lot of different applications and projects over the last 14 years since VACPRO started. Please contact us for any of your laboratory requirements, from small components, diaphragm pumps to dry chemical pumps, ATEX house vacuum systems and gloveboxes. We have customers from many different sectors and can help with everything from small KF components, feedthroughs, gauges and gas analysis equipment.

Clients we are working with

GKN Aerospace UK

Complete overhaul and upgrade of large vacuum coating system for commercial and military aircraft cockpit glass, we supplied the entire dry vacuum pump system along with a complete upgrade of the control system, sputtering power supply, cooling water distribution board and feedthroughs, plus new control cables, air hoses and water cooling lines.


Main supplier of vacuum pumps, components and gas analysers for high end PVD equipment to the semiconductor and industrial markets, we have adapted our products to suit their many different applications and coating equipment and their requirements for certified products for the semiconductor industry.

Seaborg Technologies

Supply of customised gloveboxes and vacuum equipment for research and development of fundamentally different nuclear reactor technology (Compact Molten Salt Reactors). They use the gloveboxes for safe and efficient experimentation and analysis for development of their technology.

Spectro Inlets

Official supplier and partner from the creation of the company as a spin-off from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), we collaborated with their design and engineering team to provide the most optimal and effective vacuum equipment for their real time electrochemistry and industrial mass spectrometry analysis.


“VACPRO has been a close partner with us since the inception of our company. They provided expertise, fair payment terms and understanding of our project at the very early stages of our product development process when we needed it the most. Since then, they have continued to be our preferred supplier in vacuum components as we have scaled and they have adapted their services to our needs. We have found VACPRO to be personal, professional and reliable.”

Anil Thilsted
PhD, Director and Co-Founder
Spectro Inlets ApS

”Our partnership with VACPRO has proven its value continuously for more than 15 years of doing business together as VACPRO always delivers as promised with an outstanding professionalism, technology knowledge and level of service”

Rikke Larsen
Assistant Manager
Polyteknik AS


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